Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life at the zoo

Wow, it's been all summer since I wrote in here.

So I've been camping all summer, it was great. Lots of pics up on flickr. Last trip it was 2 degrees at night and I nearly froze my ass off.

I've been cycling a lot, back and forth to work mostly. It takes me about an hour to go one way, 16km. Trying to do that 3 times a week nets me about 100km/wk. So since I started doing this consistently in August, I've lost 20lbs. I also picked up a recumbent trike, which makes the ride so much more fun and enjoyable. I think this is key to using exercise as a weight loss tool, to make it fun, and make it regular, which is why this has worked so well for me. The time I spend cycling into work is time I would have spent commuting anyway, so it doesn't feel like I've spent any time out of my day.

I actually started playing world of warcraft again. I know, it's a huge waste of time, and it seems like going back to that game is a step backwards. However, it's just a different way to waste time. Some people watch TV, some people read books, some people play xbox, some people yak on their phones. I play wow. The game itself isn't all that great, but the people I get to work together with and talk to make it an interesting social experience.

Work is crazy, like usual. The project I'm working on is winding down, so I may finally be moving onto something else soon. we'll see.

I've booked train tickets home to PEI for Christmas. I haven't been home in a year, since we didn't go there this summer, or last Christmas. I'm sure Loralei's parents will be a little upset since we're gone from the 20th to the 31st. But maybe we can get together with them in the new year. It'll be a nice train ride home, I booked a deluxe double bedroom, on the newer model train, so its nice and posh. I can spend my time at the bar car, watching the plasma tv. Also probably watch stuff on the laptop, like finishing up watching my full metal alchemist series in divx. :)