Monday, June 11, 2007

Oot and Aboot

Another great weekend. I guess I didn't write about the last couple weekends here, so I'll recap.

We went for our first camping trip this year at Bon Echo. It was great! somehow we didn't forget anything. The site was extra large, 2 minutes walk away from the shoreline, and fairly private. We went for a 5 hour hike on the abes and essens trail. We just did the 2nd loop, the 3rd would have been way too long. The bugs were INSANE. We narrowly missed being carried off and eaten by continually applying bugspray. I'm sure later in the summer it won't be so bad. We did miss the clifftop walk, but Bon Echo is relatively close, so we can come back anytime this summer.

This Saturday was Jeremy's birthday. So we headed out for some chineese food at the new hong shing, and played a new board game based on bohnanza.

On Sunday Loralei and I went to Bolt castle, in the middle of the 1000 islands. Pretty interesting. I haven't posted the pictures yet, but I think there's some good ones there. The castle was built right at the turn of the century, and has been abandoned for several years until 1970-ish, so it's in pretty rough shape on the inside. The bridge authority has taken ownership and is slowly restoring it.

We also headed out to Bushtakah to get Loralei a pair of hiking shoes, and I got a water filtration system. So theoretically now I can pump this thing and get potable water out of dirty brown lake water rife with beaver fever. We'll test it out next weekend when we go to Achray.