Sunday, April 22, 2007

Flickr community

Is full of idiots. who swoon over obviously photoshopped thumbnail sized pictures. the sites supposed to be about photography damnit!

Someone explain to me how this photoshop got onto the explore page.

There's also the myriad of people who make it onto explore with 500x400 (or lower) photos. Granted, they do look good, and I realize some people would be annoyed if their work was stolen, but really. how do they get on the explore page with only a postage stamp size resolution available?

A master My bike is out

The weather finally got warm enough to pull the bike out of the basement. this is following last weeks freakish 15cm of snow. so I've been able to do my cardio outside the gym, thank god. I hate doing cardio at the gym. the only good thing about it is that you get to watch all the girls exercising. :) but the downside is that its far too hot in the gym, and there's no breeze to evaporate your sweat.

I've been trying to go to the gym 5 days a week to lose some weight. its working so far. i suppose i should start tracking how much I've lost, but I've been at for 3 or 4 weeks and I'm happy with the results.

I tried doing the gym buddy thing, but it never really works out. schedule conflicts, work, laziness, sick days. you end up waiting for the other person way too much. its cool when you have someone to talk to, but you should never end up missing a session because of someone else's schedule.

It went up to 22 yesterday in ottawa, so i decided i'd spend the day out taking some photographs. so i walked all around downtown looking for shots. found some good grafitti, a couple of small blooms, some interesting buildings, and a white water kayak compo. after all that snapping, I decided it was time to upgrade to a newer digital rebel. so i stopped in at henrys and got the XTi. I should be able to sell off my old rebel no problem, so the upgrade won't cost so much. the new one is nice, has automatic sensor cleaning, 10mp resolution, more AF points, lower noise sensor at high ISO, and faster continuous drive mode at 3 FPS.

pics are up on flickr.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I love it when a plan; or a patio set, comes together.

You can blame me for the 15cm of snow in Ottawa yesterday. I put together a patio set the previous night, thinking spring had arrived.

In other Ottawa news, I've pretty much booked the entire summer full of plans. I hopped on the Ontario provincial parks reservation website and reserved a campsite every other weekend from the last week in May to the last week in August. if it rains, or we can't make it we can always cancel and get 60% back, or transfer to someone else's name.

Work marches on. I've been hired again till October 1st on a new project at Transport Canada. Things are wrapping up nicely on the old project.

Not much else new. Oh.. Facebook is addictive. everyone and their dog is on there. I've gotten in touch with friends from as far back as highschool. amazing.

Solo Pollo

Well, I'm back from the Dominican. Pics are up on flickr.

I managed to contract the flu on the germ blender (airplane), on the way down. on top of that, all the dominican bacteria was fighting against the ottawa bacteria. It was germ warfare, and my body was the battlefield. Don't eat the pineapple. Go easy on the fresh coconut.

But other than that, it was a great time. No set schedules, except for the tours we were on. no cooking, no dishes, no chores. Just drink, eat, and lay in the sun. Lots of vitamins (vitamin ARRR!), AKA rum.

Lots of topless women there. some good, some bad. it sort of averages out. I kept trying to trick Loralei into taking my photo with topless women in the background. If shes holding the camera, I don't look like a pervert, right?

The tours were good. The safari tour was the best one, taking us up into the mountains to see a plantation. We bought some very fresh coffee, cocoa, and vanilla. Surprisingly Canada Customs had no issue with us bringing it back. Although, i hear anything made from wood is bad to bring back, so don't buy any wooden sculptures, and definitely no bongos.

The Seona island tour was a waste of money. the tour packed the catamaran too full, so it was an uncomfortable 2 hour ride to the island. then the beach was pretty similar to the beach at the resort we just left. the ride back to the mainland via speedboat was fun, with a couple of stops to feed clownfish and see some starfish.

We also did a walking tour of Higuey, the closest town to the resort. It was ok. kind of nice to see how life is away from the resorts. got to see some of the local culture, a church, some shops, etc.

Picked up some oil paintings there which we still haven't framed. they're everywhere, beautiful and cheap. smaller ones run about $10-$15 USD. the largest one we found went for $200 USD. haggling is necessary, and expected. nothing has a pricetag at the local market. Also, shop around. The shop owners are competitive and sometimes very pushy.

All in all, a really worthwhile vacation. I think we'll be going back next year.