Monday, January 29, 2007

First post of the new year


The project I've been working on for the last few months has finally launched. gone production. people actually using it for day to day work. and it does work, with a few small issues. actually fewer issues than the system it was designed to replace.

Previous to it going production it was endless weeks of scrambling around fixing things in a hurry. high stress for months, and now its all over with. supporting a production environment is somewhat more stressful in that if any issues arise it affects people in their work. however change control kicks in which means all we do during the day is figure out solutions, not actually implement them.

Finally got around to buying the Christmas gifts for myself and Loralei. Snowshoes. the new aluminum kind. we did some shopping around this weekend and found out that the ones at costco are almost the exact same model as the ones at mountain equipment co-op, but cost $100 less and come with poles. it pays to comparison shop.

Been using my bus ride to catch up on some retro games lately. playing through a bunch of GBA and DS games that i always meant to finish. riding the bus has its advantages. aside from the smelly people and crowds, its nice to just have a pre-warm bus pull up when its the middle of winter. and not having to deal with other drivers is a plus. i think the bus actually gets me downtown faster than taking the car would because of the transitway. bonus!

Other video game systems are getting some use too. I bought the burning crusade for world of warcraft. its ok. if anything I'm less addicted to wow after the expansion. I also bought a Nintendo Wii, which is pretty fun. i haven't gotten more games for it though. guitar hero 2 is on the go sometimes, along with singstar rocks. after playing singstar on new years i had to get my own copy. its a great party game, since you can pass the mic around to 8 players.

not much else going on, or at least not much i can remember.