Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shuffled around

Work has been pretty insane lately.

I was moved over from my support role to fill in for someone who was working in a development role. I'm there because management fired that guy. no knowledge transfer, no nothing. just "get out.. now". then, after i spend another week on the new project development and start getting up to speed with whats going on, management fires ANOTHER guy. 2/3 of the original design team, and the people who actually know whats going on.. are gone. again, no knowledge transfer, just "get out".

So here I am with the one remaining guy trying to put the pieces together, and come up with a workable solution. try to figure out where someone was at, without ever actually talking with them. wonderful.

Also my days are now filled with meetings. half of which have no actual direct relevance to myself. also the guy driving the meetings doesn't actually drive the meeting, he just meanders and mumbles and doesnt get to the point. one poor guy in the meeting this morning was asleep most of the time. justifiably so, he had no input to the meeting and nothing to take away, so why even be there? I'm going to lobby to be proxied at some of these meetings. why should i sit through an hour long meeting when i have no input, and no takeaway? there literally is no point or purpose to these meetings.

On top of all that, the whole department is shuffling around. the guy who was on production is now working for the project exclusively. One of the helpdesk guys was on the citrix support position for about a week and then got moved to the project. then he got moved back to citrix support after a week of us training him. the insanity never ends!

Ugh, work.