Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Love for Atari

Well, after getting through the horrendous 7 CD install of neverwinter nights 2, i've discovered that it doesn't run well enough to play.

I have all the latest drivers, an awesome (and expensive) month old gaming PC, etc. but it runs around 5 FPS. completely unenjoyable. core2duo 6600 @ 2.4ghz, 2 gb of DDR2, Nvidia 7950GX2.

people in the NWN2 support forums echo the same problems over and over. this is strange because the release of neverwinter 1 was exactly the same way. the game engine was complete shit for at least a few months after release. utterly unplayable. and they've done it again. I guess they're trying to get it pushed out for the christmas buying rush. which is likely more of a publisher thing than a developer thing. so i have sympathy for the developers who were probably forced to push out an unfinished product (that never happens, right?).

So Atari.. die in a fire.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Open letter to Obsidian/Atari

I hate you.

I recently puchased a copy of the game neverwinter nights 2. the ebgames guy tells me the words I dread to hear. "only the CD edition is left".

7 CDs. I'm going through the install right now and it doesn't even auto detect when the next disc is in there so i have to click the ok button OVER and OVER.

When will you come to the realization that everyone HAS a dvd drive. MAKE MORE DVDs! the CD edition should be the hard one to find, not the dvd edition. everyone that has a really expensive gaming PC to meet your system requirements, already HAS A DVD DRIVE!

The days of digital distribution over the internet are here.. are you suddenly going to leap from 7 CDs to downloading, and pass over DVDs altogether?

What were you thinking?