Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hip Government?

Someone in the government is evolving. how can this be? the government is.. has been the most backwards, most traditional organization.

Garth Turner gets it. he's using the "new media" to communicate with the public at his website, via blogging and google video.

I'm sure most people have heard the story, but here it is again. hes been kicked out of the conservative party caucus. his views are not the views of the conservative party. he IS however representing the views of his constituents, which i think is more important. this event has gotten his weblog a plethora of publicity. every canadian radio and tv station reported this story, so there are very few canadians who haven't heard about it.

which is great! in so many ways. He's pretty much guaranteed himself as an MP forever. the publicity was SO good for him, its genius. if he actually planned it to happen this way, kudos to him.

The nation gets a look at how hes interacting with the public. using the "new media" provides him all kinds of benefits. the public gets easily accessable information about what their MP is doing. he attracts a younger crowd of voters by using new technology making him future proof. he gets to have whats more of a "conversation" with the public via the weblog, where people can leave comments and direct feedback for him. this new media also allows him to speak unedited unlike TV, radio and newspapers, who can frequently take things out of context. he's created his own context.


now if only the rest of our MPs would take this kind of initiative and evolve.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Plethora of Photos

Just uploaded tons of photos on Flickr, including wedding photos, kitten photos, and some buck 65 :)

go have a look.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn Sweater

It's freaking cold. Its almost sweather weather again.

This weekend was very productive. I got my WoW mage up to 54, hosted the mother-in-law for thanksgiving, went for a walk in gatineau park, and had friends over to resume our D&D sessions.

I'm always causing trouble. So I decided it would be a good thing if we hosted Loralei's mother and Ghislaine for thanksgiving, rather than going all the way out to her place. Loralei's sister lives right next to us, so it sort of makes sense. Plus it was a clever way to get out of washing dishes at her mothers place (she doesnt have a dishwasher). Everything went really well.

Loralei spent a day and a half cleaning the kitchen up from the disaster area it was, and cooking all kinds of things. I wanted it to be very informal, and relaxed, and i didnt want anyone to do a lot of work, so i thought a potluck would be good. I suggested at first that i prepare some kind of dinner rolls, and the potatoes. loralei said something like "if you want to fuck around making dinner rolls you can, but thats too much trouble for me". So I said fine, I won't. And the next day, shes in the kitchen and decides to make pies, pumpkin seeds, dinner rolls, and cookies.

I also managed to dig up a decent looking recipie for stuffing that involved walnuts. Loralei is always crazy about putting walnuts into everything. cookies, pies, soup, bread... whatever. everything has to have walnuts. so i bring this recipie to her and she says "walnuts in stuffing? thats just wrong!"

Our groups D&D sessions resumed again, after a fairly busy summer (mostly due to the wedding i think), our schedules are starting to calm down again. I was busy for part of the session trying to find some electronic D&D tools to help me out a bit. I came across the hypertext D20 SRD. very useful. I'm suprised noone has tried to create an AJAX app for D20 yet. a character sheet is the perfect application. Maybe I'll give that a go as "my first AJAX application"

I finally got some proper hosting for my website. I'm not using it very much, but its there and I dont need to maintain it. It was pretty cheap, their introductory offer was $20something dollars for a full year, 200gb of space, 2tb of transfer per month. after a year i think the rates go up, but it'll still probably be worth it. I can also host multiple domains and install a bunch of PHP/Mysql software in a couple of clicks. Pretty spiffy.

Anyhow I guess I should actually start work now, this week my only co-worker is home in Regina, so I'm holding down the fort myself. This is gonna suck :)