Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Now I've got a fork and knife, I'm cut and carried.

Well, like the title says, now I'm married. it went off relatively smoothly. much more fun and less trouble than i thought it would be. I cried during the ceremony. Who would have thought that between me and Loralei, I'd be the one to end up blubbering? Pictures to follow.

Just got back from a trip to Toronto to see the Virgin Music Festival. It was pretty awesome, I think my favorite show of the 2 days was probably zero 7. they had some technical difficulties, but it was the most entertaining show I saw, despite all that. Gnarls barkey was ok, but not as good live as i expected. c-lo said it was their first time on the road in a while, so i guess they need to get it together. they got better as they went on. The flaming lips were amazing for the 3 songs they were able to do. the show got off schedule, so they only had a half an hour to perform, before the 11:00pm bylaw kicked in and they had to shut it all down, to the disappointment of thousands. kid koala also had an amazing but short set. i think he got 3 songs in, which is a damn shame, cause i really liked his stuff.

I moved my blog over to the new blogger beta. yay they have support for tagging now! (labels). I'll have to come up with some new template thingy for it soon, but so far its a major improvement. i was just about to switch everything over to vox.com since blogger had been so feature-stagnant. i think the new version even supports flickr integration.

more later, gotta leave work now :)