Tuesday, August 01, 2006


More fireworks photos up on flickr.


The fireworks competition is on over at casino du lac leamy, and i acutally bought tickets this year. how amazingly organized I am! :) The show was pretty great. apparently germanys supposed to be even better this wednesday. I took the camera and the tripod over, camped out a spot with chairs and all that. shooting fireworks is still insanely hard. its timing, focus, framing, and you have to adapt to the changing brightness of the explosions as theyre going off. i think the next one tomorrow I'm just going to sit and enjoy, and leave the camera at home.

The wedding draws ever closer. everything is going according to plan. more people have actually shown up than i originally thought, but thats a good thing. about 40 people is the final count, which should be cozy. the tuxes are ready for pickup, so i should probably practice dressing. I have no idea how to put on a tux. i hope they give me some pointers when i go pick it up.

My macbook power supply up and died on me this weekend. i guess its a new product so ill give it a bit of space for working the bugs out. they're shipping me a new one by courier, so its not so bad.

I've started a new tech blog about Citrix, and work in general. the name isnt great, but i like the idea. anyone got a better name suggestion?

Hmm, guess i should write about some interesting stuff I've found lately.

Zulupad. its like notepad with a builtin wiki. it even syncs between computers if you sign up for that. great for keeping info organized on a personal scale

Kiko has fallen off of my list since they dont seem to be fixing the bugs that ive reported, or doing any development at all really. so i've moved over to google calendar. it served its purpose, which was calendar sharing during the wedding organizing.

Wetpaint is one of the better new wiki softwares out there. It's got this great WYSIWYG interface. I've tried a bunch, they're all over the place from good to bad, but wetpaint is good for my purposes, and a little more user friendly than the rest. PBWiki was quite good too, having lots more features, its probably easier to manage larger wikis with PB. PB offers a pretty good editor, where you write in simple markup, and has UI buttons for all the features. Also PB has very good security and permissions management. One other thing PB has is the ability to upload all kinds of files to your site, not just images.

Vox is the new web 2.0 Blogging service. It's pretty damned spiffy. it hooks into flickr, amazon, etc. i might be moving my blog over there because blogger is still missing tagging support. so annoying.

And of course Flickr is still in constant use. slickr the screensavers also a good companion, and flickr uploadr. easiest way to organize and store photos hands down. i barely even use picasa now, except for a bit of post processing.