Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hopping the fence

I switched. I bought a macbook. Its a wonderful peice of hardware. Intel core duo processor, wireless networking built in. it can run windows as well as OSX. its only a 13" macbook, i figured i didnt need the pro version. it will do what i want it to do, and i can still do all my 3d gaming stuff on my gaming rig. OSX is pretty interesting, lots of cool software available. i can do all the productivity stuff i normally do, i can fix up my photos, do stuff in openoffice, create DVDs, and surf the web. and now i can do it anywhere i want. this is actually my first ever laptop, so the thing is quite a novelty for now.

I signed up for this movie service the other day. Canflix. Its quite nice. I've been catching up on some movie watching and tv series. its good. its like $20/month or so, and they mail you 3 dvds at a time. theres no pressure to return them unless you want other ones. they also advance process your returns if you go to the website after you mail them. so when your returns are in the mail, so are your new movies. i figure this is actually a better deal than the movie networks. you get to watch what you want when you want (almost). i was evaluating a bunch of potential dvd mailing services like and figured canflix was the best. zip limits the number of returns and checkouts you do per month, and each extra one over your limit is $6. ouch. they also dont rent out games, like canflix does. anyhow, pretty happy with that.

Have a new addition to the zoo. a 4 week (I think?) old kitten. been bottle feeding it for a while, and losing some sleep. its becoming self sufficient now and integrating with the other cats. its crazy cute, I'll post some pics up soon.

for canada day we went downtown to majors hill park and saw buck 65 and a few other people doing a songwriters circle. Pretty cool stuff.
Buck 65 the rockstar

Then we went to my office building to watch the fireworks from the 21st floor. it was a nice break from the crazy canada day crowds, and it was much dryer up there. some of my fireworks photos turned out this year, but not too many. I screwed up my focus about 5 shots in, and didnt recover. oh well, theres always the fireworks for the casino to try on.
Sparkly fireworks