Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back on track

Yeah, ok, long time no write.

I've left my previous job at general dynamics, and i recently started at transport canada supporting their citrix environment. 1 year to 2.5 year contract, which is long term as far as my contracts go. so im really happy about that. and its just in time to finance the wedding. hooray! now loralei wont have to kill me.

so i did something the other day that i havent done in 10 years. i installed linux. ubuntu 6.06 (dapper drake) was the install of choice, since everyones raving on about it. its really great. except the hardware support. it has issues with my ati card on installation, and has zero support for my creative x-fi. i blame creative for the lack of x-fi support. their linux driver project page says theyre going to release closed source drivers for the x-fi sometime in 2007. 2007?! WHAT? creative is the worst hardware vendor ever. seriously, dont buy their stuff, your onboard sound is just as good, and doesnt cost you an arm and a leg.

anyhow, linux was kind of a breath of fresh air. windows has been getting progressively worse from a usability standpoint, with the advent of spyware, and other annoying applications. i think i could actually recommend this linux distro to anyone who wants to get productivity stuff done. e.g., regular office documents, browsing the web, chatting, etc. not a good gaming platform yet, because of crappy hardware support. is doing some interesting things that let you run windows opengl and directx games inside linux. its a subscription based service, and if you have the hardware to do it, you might want to check it out. unfortunately the soundcard support thing was a showstopper for me in that direction.

no sleep for me last night at all. i dont know how im actually able to function today. loralei brought home a kitten from work yesterday that hasnt opened its eyes yet, and it needs to be fed every hour or two, so the alarm kept going off and the kitten was screaming and i got about 3 hours of sleep the whole night. ugh. but its cute. we might have another addition to the family.

I've been trying to track down the alphabet of manliness for a couple of days now. chapters doesnt stock it yet in the local stores. the one down near the ikea has 6 copies on order, but has no idea when they're coming in. how useless. the lady suggested that i keep phoning back to ask if it was in, i said no. online ordering it is. that does it, i'm never going out in public again, i can get better service sitting at my house in my underwear.