Thursday, October 20, 2005

Take this job and shove it

Well, i finally got around to quitting my crappy old job. i was a softie about it though. they really wanted me to stay, so i stayed an extra week beyond my 2 weeks notice just to help them out.

what i found really ridiculous about the whole thing was the building pass. at dnd, things are pretty locked down, so you can't really go anywhere without a building pass. cant go to the kitchen, cant go to the can. i waited 2 months to get a building pass, and there was still no sign that the process had even started. with no building pass, work=jail. except that in jail you dont need an escort to go to the bathroom.

so i did a few interviews around ottawa, and im getting more calls every week. things are looking up for getting another job in the oct-nov timeframe, which is good, more money for christmas! i still havent decided what to do gift wise for this christmas. the donations thing is kinda good, but it sort of changes the feel of christmas a little. last year i donated all my gift money to heart and stroke research, cause my dads got a bum ticker.

so other than that, ive been catching up on my gaming lately and taking it easy.

watched a few movies lately.. since we visited the pacific mall in toronto and got some "discount" dvds. for whatever reason we picked up "alexander", which wouldnt have been worth it if it was free. in fact i want the actors to pay me for the time i wasted watching it. boooooring. and it was also quite gayed up.

on the flipside, the warriors, is one of those retro movie classics that recently got a special edition released because of rockstar toronto making a video game out of it. pretty rockin if you like 70's street gangs beating the hell out of each other.

have a big pile of movies we haven't gotten around to watching yet either, i think next up is layer cake.

and with the christmas rush of video games this year, i decided id blow a few bucks on a new dvd-rw drive. my old 4x was a bit slow, so i picked up a 12x. i was a bit hesitant thinking my 4x media likely wouldnt write at full speed, but to my suprise the drive writes on my kodak media perfectly at full speed. which is good considering i just bought about 200 of them.

i think ill try to update this thing more frequently than every 3 months.. maybe once a week is a good target to aim for :)