Monday, July 11, 2005

Battlecrack 2

So I've been addicted to the new Battlefield 2 like it was crack lately. even though it has some pretty horrible bugs in it, which I will go into here shortly.

1 - server browser in game doesn't work. it freezes up for long periods of time doing the simplest of things, such as sorting by ping. some of the filters for the server browser also don't work.. the actually have no code behind them whatsoever. so you want to see no full servers? thats tough, that checkmark box hasnt been implemented yet, but we put it there for you to see, because we're planning on making it functional later. maybe. if we feel like it. the server browser from bf1942 never got fixed, so i dont know how much hope to hold out for this one.

2 - server lag issues. really great ping times to servers, but the hardware that some hosting companies are putting these servers on is woefully inadequate. also some new memory leak issues causing server slowdown over time has been proven, but thats the server hosting companys fault for not regularly restarting the servers. and EA's fault for not testing for memory leaks.

3 - allies appearing red (as opposed to blue), which results in several people teamkilling them, over and over and over. this bug happens sometimes when the server switches your team for you, or you try and switch teams. either way, its really annoying when it does happen, for all parties involved.

4 - public servers full of idiots. lets break this down into sub-sections

a) when laying landmines around to protect a particular flag from armored vehicles and buggies, your teammates get to see a big red skull and crossbones indicating where the mines are. so theres NO EXCUSE when people drive transports full of your teammates over these mines, giving you loads of teamkills. public server morons head towards the red skull and crossbones as if they were pinatas, and they get candy when they run them over.

b) also, theres a choice of whether or not to punish a teamkill in this game, but public server fucktards ALWAYS punish. which results in you getting kicked off the server for their own stupidity (in the case of landmines, and claymores) also a kudos to those teammates smart enough to wander aimlessly in front of the tank/apc/jet you're driving.

c) team balance and sportsmanship. there is none. there is the odd time ill get on and have a good even fight, but a lot of the time, one team totally dominates the other, round after round, map after map. a word on sportsmanship.. its not sporting to totally dominate one team back into their only uncappable flag, and then artillery that flag continuously, when the team has already failed miserably. but there is no such thing in online gaming because its full of idiots.

Another lazy weekend. played some pirates cove, and decided I was too lazy to drag my ass out to bluesfest to see neko case, the sadies, and several other misc. acts. Maybe I'll get down to it this wednesday and thursday when buck 65, the dears, and some other misc stuff happens. I'm always so lazy in ontario summers. its either way too hot to do anything, or its raining. i miss the pei weather. I only actually go outside in the spring or fall, and skip summer and winter almost entirely.

speaking of pei, I'll be taking the first week of august and heading down with nick, casper, and loralei. i think a rental van might make the long trip more comfortable, so thats one possibility. and itll save me some miles on my car, so thats a good thing too. I dont think i did a summer trip to pei last year, so im really looking forward to it this year.