Thursday, June 09, 2005

More project updates

well, I got some more work done.

the phpirc client is in a working state, although it still needs a lot of work done to it. add some commands, better support for multiple channels, and a nicer interface.

i finished modifying imagevue so that it works with my rogers photo site. my scripts actually go out and parse rogers site and grab all the important data, and output .XML, which imagevue then uses. I'll release the code to parse rogers site to .xml soon. unfortunately, my site isnt the best to demo the technology on, because on rogers, all my photos are between 2 and 5 mb (HUGE). if you were to have a look at it, i suggest starting with "other peoples european pics" because theyre at least in some smaller format.

I may tear down my rogers site and re-upload everything at a reasonable size at some point.

It's also quite slow. retrieving and parsing each album takes some time, so i just have it cache the .xml files locally. also when creating the thumbnail pictures the first time its viewed, it has to suck the whole image down to the webserver and resize it. but after that its fine. one could go to the trouble of pre-creating all the thumbnails, but its going to happen automatically anyhow.

Also, after i posted the CSS mockup of tomes, i looked at it in IE and realized that its not the right version i posted. i had made one that looked almost exactly the same in IE and firefox. ill find the correct version and replace it soon.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Projects update

Just a quick post about what I've been working on lately for kicks.

I created this script on friday night when i couldn't sleep. It takes animated .gif files and converts them to halflife animated textures for use as sprays in counter-strike: source. the interface isnt too fancy, but it gets the job done. ordinarily converting animated gifs is a pain because you have to resize and split the image into .tga's, then download the source sdk and figure out how to use the resource compiler. this automates that whole process, so im going through and converting some of my favorite animated gifs from ytmnd. :)

Another project I've been working on is PHP:IRC. An IRC client written in PHP as the name might suggest. I've based my code on the current php:irc applet, and more or less re-wrote the whole thing to a working state. its functional now, but i need to add a few more things in and pretty it up before showing it off. i'd say this is the project ive learned the most off of, because ive never done a streaming html page before, or 2 scripts sharing session variables in real time (needed for posting the input). The main reason for this was the lack of a working web-based irc client. by web based i mean the webserver makes the connection to the irc server for you, circumventing corporate firewall restrictions. the applet from sourceforge was in an unworkable state previously, which is a terrible thing for something thats released to the public. i also tried cgi:irc, which isnt portable to windows, and im definitely not wasting my time writing in shitty perl to fix it.

Yet another project i haven't finished yet is a small script that goes to my rogers photo site, retrieves all the albums listed there, and retreives all the images in the album. fortunately yahoo/rogers has no referrer protection (yet), so this allows me to create my own front-end for my rogers photo storage, so i can make it look like whatever i want, and still have all the data pulled from their servers instead of wasting my bandwidth. im still undecided as to where to go with this, maybe exporting to a standard .xml data to suck into some other album such as imagevue or something. or i could create an album script again, from scratch, with CSS and XML support and all that.

Oh and speaking of CSS, here's the mockup of tomes2 I did in CSS. its much smaller and easier to work with (code wise), and it more or less replicates all formatting from the current tomes site, and is compatible in both browsers. it took a little doing, since IE is buggy when it comes to CSS interpretation. firefox is right on the mark though, so I develop with that then work back to IE.

More to come. I'm really enjoying getting a few of these scripts done, theyre fun to work on.