Thursday, April 07, 2005

Masochistic Gaming

Yep, it's time for another corporate league session at iplay. Somehow we always get our monkey asses beat. sometimes worse than others. but i keep coming back for more, so i must actually like it deep down inside. i suppose more practice would make things better, or learning some new strategies. it seems whoever owns the skies in most of the games, dominates the other team completely.. note to self, learn how to fly in bf1942... better. last time the best 2 pilots got teamed up and you would basically die as soon as you spawned, or if you lived that long, youd have a bomb dropped on you the instant you climbed in a vehicle. boom, dead. there was really no hope of any kind of effective counter-offensive. oh well, I'm trying to recruit a new player for our team, and hopefully that works out well for us :)

Work is going really, really slowly right now. And I'm SO bored. I'm trying to be a little pro-active with the process since theres no actual work to be done at the moment. we have sharepoint here at work to work as a document repository and version control system, but up until now we've been doing manual versioning. i guess noone either got the concept of automatic version control, or they didnt trust the computer to do something that wonderful and not screw things up. so we're trying to implement a check-out, check-in system that will solve some of our revisioning "issues". working on the wrong version of a document, etc. also a solid planned directory structure will help things not get too messy, like last time. i think this would have saved some people hours of lost labour if they had actually come up with a process last time.

Anyhow, work has also become a little like survivor now. michel, one of the original guys was laid off last week, and there may be more to come. im pretty sure im sticking around from all the signals ive been given, but you never know. there's this bi-polar guy working on the same project as me, and while hes entertaining, hes not the greatest guy in the world to work with. so my money is on him.

Anyhow, with work being so slow, I've taken to surfing the web a lot. and since I'm almost completely bored and sick of that, I think I may just decide to start doing some more worthwhile project with my time. All my old php stuff is more or less gone, or i have outdated backups of it, so maybe i could get started on new versions of that. i think i should really wrap my head around some CSS stuff first though. i've been checking out CSSzengarden and i've been really impressed with the designs people come up with, and I think my next project will definitely separate the content from the design in the same way, so i can update the design at any time. I've done some pretty basic things with CSS before, but you can do so much with it, that i really have to do some more research and study. God knows my blogger could use a new CSS template.

I've actually been getting back into a better workout schedule lately. I'm trying to go 4 or 5 nights a week to do weights again, and cycling into work at least once or twice a week. the trip to work is about 45 minutes, so it's a decent ride. I've already done it twice in the last 2 weeks, so hopefully my joints will start getting used to the idea. still recovering from the flu though, this thing seems to be sticking around a week after the initial fever. it doesn't slow me down much, but im still sniffling and coughing on occasion.

And in music, FischerSpooner came out with a new album i thought was pretty solid, so I'm liking that. and sage francis is coming to town pretty soon, so thats another concert to look forward to on top of moby and buck.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Life and Times of Phoebus Brumal

Another year, another birthday. Time sure flies, its hard to believe given my current maturity level that I just turned 29.

Loralei was nice enough to organize all my friends together for a suprise party that night, and we all went out to lindenhoff for some german food and beer :) and played some german games later on.

Speaking of german games, Fandom II has been hit a couple of times recently for some new purchases. Jeremy picked up Around the world in 80 days, which is a solid title, and I think it will turn out to be a classic. it plays in under an hour, and has great strategy and mechanics, but isn't too complicated so you dont have to spend a lot of time agonizing over your turn, or learning the rules. I picked up a couple more card games, Bang!, and Sole Mio, along with a good 2 player game: gone fishing. and in the more hardcore section, Puerto Rico, which the box says takes between 90 and 150 minutes to play. Bang was a particular favorite when I played it, because of the hidden roles each player gets, and how gameplay progresses because of that.

So I've been hooked on lost lately. I downloaded all the old episodes and caught up with the series, so now i can watch the rest of it on wednesday nights and understand whats going on. I'm really suprised that this TV show has me this addicted. Nothing new on TV has captured my interest for quite some time. TV is usually devoid of any actual content, favoring crappy "reality" shows with shoddy, coached melodrama. or tepid sitcoms. worse still is the low budget TV series genre such as alias, or stargate, or relic hunter.

In internet news, google maps recently added satellite texture data to its already phenominal mapping and directions service. goodbye mapquest. my cousin is actually going down to work for google in california soon. sounds like a good plan, especially since theyve got so many good products now, google search, maps, picasa, blogger, etc.