Thursday, March 17, 2005

girls!! drink!! feck!!

Happy St. Patricks day to all!

I think this year, instead of going to a crowded irish pub, I'll try to have people over to have a pint, and do a father ted marathon. I've gotten seasons 1-3 off of digital distractions, and i'm working through them slowly. and any excuse to get some people together for games.

Speaking of games, I've been hooked on Gran Turismo 4 lately. Jeremy is also working along on it, at almost the same pace, so we can compare notes. I was thinking about getting a driving wheel and pedals for the game, since it would be really fun, and would make the rally courses easier to navigate. but then, i might just feel silly buying a wheel. I'd like to have something that is compatible with the PS2 as well as the PC, so i can hook it up for driving games there too. I'll have to do some research.

And on the board game side of things, I finally got to play a full game of Franks zoo. It's a fun little card game, with a good theme. I haven't quite figured out much strategy to it, but its fun to play anyways. and if you get tired of playing it the normal way, you can change it up by using the rotating partners scheme. like all good german games, it has a come-from-behind mechanic, such that the last place person leads out.

Not much is new, really. Other than that. Moby's coming to montreal, with buck 65, so I'm really looking forward to that show. Mobys on tour cause of his new album out this month, hotel.

Work is going allright. my friend from work, joe, has moved on to another gig. at about the same time, my other friend and ex-coworker phil started working in his place. so its nice that i have at least one good friend at the workplace these days.

Thats it for now.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Vanity Issues

Ok what the hell is up with internet people. they take far too many pictures of themselves. I understand narcissism, but if you're really narcissistic, do you really want to share yourself with everyone else? every time i see some teenager taking a picture of themselves out at arms length making faces into the camera, i want to reach through my monitor and smack them. you don't need a new picture of yourself and your dog up on the internet everytime you or your dog get a haircut. unless its a dyed-red, spiked, 12-inch mohawk, or a mural of some kind shaved into the back of your head, with appropriate coloring.. perhaps a nice sunset, or a picture of j-lo choking on a peice of broccoli (I'm cheering for the broccoli). that might be at least somewhat interesting to the rest of the world. Noone except your closest friends and relatives care about you or your dog or your mundane haircut, or your baby. yes, you have a baby, congratulations, you have fulfilled your genetic imperitive to breed and buy a minivan. let me know when you do something that not everyone else on the planet can do. or if you can't do anything interesting, maybe your baby can. If your baby can outdo Cut Chemist on the turntables, then drop me a line. If it just sits there and drools and gurgles and cries, I'll continue to not give a shit.

Which brings me on to another subject about crying babies in public. Do you think it would be rude to offer ballgags and/or tranquilizers to parents who don't have any other way of silencing or controlling their own children? I think it's rude to let your children run wild in public, but maybe thats just me. Unless it's a playground, then it's fair game. But if its a mall or an airplane, bring the ballgags and tranquilizer darts.

Ok that's my vile spewing for today. I'm sure I've violated and taken the odd picture of myself in the past, but im growing old and bitter now, so no more.

In other news, I continue to be amazed at the airtime and print given to the horrid opinions of , well, just about anyone on CNN, but especially Ann Coulter. How can someone so brash and obviously off-center be given press time? I guess ratings is the answer. It's like why don cherry is still on hockey night in Canada. But isn't there some factual news stories you people in the press could be working on instead of wasting print and airtime on garbage opinions? She isn't even a politician, so in the end, she doesn't matter. Either you're in the game and you matter, or you're not in the game and noone gives a shit. Sometimes even if you're in the game, noone gives a shit. If you just wanna run your mouth, and not be an actual politician with real power, then you can just fuck off and get off my TV and out of my newspaper. Stick to your blog, like every other person with an opionion that doesn't matter. I guess if you're right wing you could apply the same to michael moore, although he seems to be in the press a lot less then Ann is.

And as far as my life goes, nothing new to report really. Work continues. Spent a weekened up at a hunt camp which went ok. Good weather, some snowshoeing. Picked up Carcassonne: The City, which is pretty much like hunters and gatherers, which I already have, but it adds a couple of elements to keep things interesting. Me and Loralei seem to play this a lot 2 player, and it works out great. I've also been listening to George Carlin's new audiobook. Thankfully it's him reading it, otherwise it just wouldn't be the same. It weighs in at a hefty 7.5 hours, so I've been listening to it in the car for almost a whole week without any of it repeating. Probably the reason I'm starting to get bitter and opinionated.

Thats it for now.