Thursday, December 16, 2004

Happy Holidays

The company christmas party happened last night. the venue was quite nice, big daddys crab shack on elgin st. so lots of cajun cuisine, and an open bar. it was better than a lot of christmas parties ive been to, since most of them take place in some very sterile hotel conference room. this place actually had atmosphere.

I think I'm spoiled as far as christmas parties go. IT companies always have nice fancy dinners with the open bar. of course they can afford the open bar for all the cash they make off hiring consultants out. My fiances christmas party consists of them closing the shop at lunch for an hour or so to have a sandwich in the basement. thats not saying one will be more fun than the other, but obviously the logistics are quite different.

I managed to catch the beastie boys concert at the corel center, i guess its almost a full month ago now. it was a good show, with a couple of suprises. the crowd wasnt as enthusiastic as i thought it might be, unfortunately, and that kind of detracted from the show. i think id rather see them in new york or somewhere with a bigger, more energetic fanbase. i was kind of suprised though, ottawa does have a couple of bboys and bgirls, which got up on the stage to show off their stuff. id love to learn how to breakdance, but i really think im too tall and clumsy to do it. id be happy if i just learned how to do a windmill.

I got the car winterized now, so snowtires, oil change, and a couple of small things fixed up. the garage is still amazing, japan auto in ottawa. very honest people, very upfront about their work. they're not what I've come to expect out of a garage at all. the downside to this is that they are always very very busy, so i think i had to book a week and a half in advance of my appointment. well worth it though.

Speaking of automotive troubles, i had an interesting experience when the canadian tire car battery i had installed in my car died the other day. i went to pick up loralei from work, shut the car off for a minute and it wouldnt start up again. i was lucky i was at her work, so one of the receptionists there was very trusting and lent me her car to go get a new battery. i managed to install it in the dark somehow, and was on my merry way again. thanks Allison!

What else is new.. hmm. I've just been playing world of warcraft with nick. its an interesting game. very well designed UI, and nice content. sometimes we get the headsets going and talk to each other over ventrilo instead of typing, which makes things easier. and in other news, board games/card games are making a comeback! im addicted to them now. i havent played any board games for years, but nick has introduced me to the games section of fandom in downtown ottawa. its cool to get together with 5 or 6 people and be able to play together, and all have a good time. this is one of the few ways that really works, and noone is left out.

Work is humming along, and I'm starting to get settled in here. it goes till the end of march, but depending on how things work out, I might be working for HP for a long time, on other projects, or different aspects of the same project. should be good.