Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Till we run out of cake!

Portal is awesome. One of the best video game endings in recent memory. That is all :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life at the zoo

Wow, it's been all summer since I wrote in here.

So I've been camping all summer, it was great. Lots of pics up on flickr. Last trip it was 2 degrees at night and I nearly froze my ass off.

I've been cycling a lot, back and forth to work mostly. It takes me about an hour to go one way, 16km. Trying to do that 3 times a week nets me about 100km/wk. So since I started doing this consistently in August, I've lost 20lbs. I also picked up a recumbent trike, which makes the ride so much more fun and enjoyable. I think this is key to using exercise as a weight loss tool, to make it fun, and make it regular, which is why this has worked so well for me. The time I spend cycling into work is time I would have spent commuting anyway, so it doesn't feel like I've spent any time out of my day.

I actually started playing world of warcraft again. I know, it's a huge waste of time, and it seems like going back to that game is a step backwards. However, it's just a different way to waste time. Some people watch TV, some people read books, some people play xbox, some people yak on their phones. I play wow. The game itself isn't all that great, but the people I get to work together with and talk to make it an interesting social experience.

Work is crazy, like usual. The project I'm working on is winding down, so I may finally be moving onto something else soon. we'll see.

I've booked train tickets home to PEI for Christmas. I haven't been home in a year, since we didn't go there this summer, or last Christmas. I'm sure Loralei's parents will be a little upset since we're gone from the 20th to the 31st. But maybe we can get together with them in the new year. It'll be a nice train ride home, I booked a deluxe double bedroom, on the newer model train, so its nice and posh. I can spend my time at the bar car, watching the plasma tv. Also probably watch stuff on the laptop, like finishing up watching my full metal alchemist series in divx. :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oot and Aboot

Another great weekend. I guess I didn't write about the last couple weekends here, so I'll recap.

We went for our first camping trip this year at Bon Echo. It was great! somehow we didn't forget anything. The site was extra large, 2 minutes walk away from the shoreline, and fairly private. We went for a 5 hour hike on the abes and essens trail. We just did the 2nd loop, the 3rd would have been way too long. The bugs were INSANE. We narrowly missed being carried off and eaten by continually applying bugspray. I'm sure later in the summer it won't be so bad. We did miss the clifftop walk, but Bon Echo is relatively close, so we can come back anytime this summer.

This Saturday was Jeremy's birthday. So we headed out for some chineese food at the new hong shing, and played a new board game based on bohnanza.

On Sunday Loralei and I went to Bolt castle, in the middle of the 1000 islands. Pretty interesting. I haven't posted the pictures yet, but I think there's some good ones there. The castle was built right at the turn of the century, and has been abandoned for several years until 1970-ish, so it's in pretty rough shape on the inside. The bridge authority has taken ownership and is slowly restoring it.

We also headed out to Bushtakah to get Loralei a pair of hiking shoes, and I got a water filtration system. So theoretically now I can pump this thing and get potable water out of dirty brown lake water rife with beaver fever. We'll test it out next weekend when we go to Achray.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Open letter to CTV

I hate your ass. I'm primed to watch the season finale of Lost. Now I have to find something else to do while you air 2 hours of shitty american idol programming before the second half of the Lost finale. What was wrong with airing 2 hours of lost in a row?

Also, your commercials aired in SD widescreen format suck. please tell your advertisers to either start making commercials in HD widescreen, or in full frame. black bars at the top, bottom, AND sides is NOT cool. i pay for a gigantic widescreen, and the ad takes up maybe 1/4 of the screen. it looks bad.